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Begin with a tower of orange L-blocks
Stack the yellow squares in the corner
Leave no vacant space
And when the blue line arrives
For Christ's sake, don't leave it upright
You've never been readier to fight
And they're never gonna take your place

You are Jason—your name is legend
You reign quietly supreme
You were champion as a child
Though your mom thought you looked dead
And though she scratched you 'til you bled
Nobody really gets the things in your head
Nobody understands your smile

Novices come seeking Jason
Winning comes easy when you're Jason
See the pretty colors falling adjacently
The young ones genuflect before Jason
He makes their lives amazing
Gracious Jason's nascent agency
Will make your children glorious as he

You run your glorious campaign from your basement
The blocks are falling—features crawling—
Whole lines disappeared from sight
It means more to you than life
More than food and sleep and wife
Put on your crown—raise your knife
The children cheer for you tonight



from Portraits, released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Pale People Missoula, montana

Led by Mack Gilcrest (piano, vocals), Pale People's songs range from soft confessionals to howling rants about the lonely and insane. Kurt Skrivseth (bass, guitar) brings a commanding slap-bass style reminiscent of Rush and the Chili Peppers. Austin Graef (drums, percussion) is a jazz drummer who prefers to rock and refuses to waltz.
Listening to Pale People is cheaper than therapy.
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